New Docs Tie Obama in to Effort Against Flynn, Biden Also in Room

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Former US President Barack Obama attends a town hall meeting at the ‘European School For Management And Technology’ (ESMT) in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, April 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

You can make the judgment call here, but this does not look good for former President Barack Obama.

According to the newly released documents from the Department of Justice, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates learned about the effort against Gen. Michael Flynn from Obama himself.

From Townhall:

“Yates first learned of the December 2016 calls between [LTG Michael] Flynn and [Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey] Kislyak on January 5, 2017, while in the Oval Office. Yates, along with then FBI-Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, were at the White House to brief members of the Obama Administration on the classified Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian Activities in Recent U.S Elections. President Obama was joined by his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and others from the National Security Council,” the document states.

“After the briefing, Obama dismissed the group but asked Yates and Comey to stay behind. Obama started by saying he had ‘learned of the information about Flynn’ and his conversation with Kislyak about sanctions. Obama specified he did not want any additional information on the matter, but was seeking information on whether the White House should be treating Flynn any differently, given the information. At that point, Yates had no idea what the President was talking about, but figured it out based on the conversation. Yates recalled Comey mentioning the Logan Act, but can’t recall if he specified there was an ‘investigation,'” it continues.


That became the predicate justification which was just vitiated by the DOJ in their decision to drop the case against Flynn. In their decision, they noted there was no criminal rationale for the interview with Flynn and other documents released recently show that there was an effort to try to get him to lie or get him fired through the interview, to potentially spring a perjury trap on him.

Rice confirmed in a prior memo that memorialized the meeting that both she and then Vice President Joe Biden were in the Room at the time Obama told Yates the information about Flynn.

Flynn communicating with Kislyak was not criminal, it was a normal process of the transition. And their “justification” that travel to Russia was somehow a predicate was ridiculous as Bill Clinton and any number of other people had “traveled to Russia.”

How did Obama find out about the call? It means someone in IC like John Brennan or James Clapper had to brief him.

It also basically sounds like “act” but don’t tell me how you do it. And Biden was in the room. Dang.


And even after all this time, has anyone asked Obama or Biden: what did you know and when did you know it?

This has been some kind of news day.


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