Jake Tapper Exposes the False Nature of Double Standard Used Against Brett Kavanaugh

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the Democrat whose become known for her draconian measure in her state in response to the pandemic and her citizens protest of her, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper on Sunday.

As we previously reported, Tapper asked Whitmer why she was so ready to believe Christine Blasey Ford yet not Tara Reade. Whitmer tried a complete rewrite of “believe all women” to “we have to listen to them then make a judgement” (a more reasonable standard, but meant only to apply to Democrats). That was most definitely NOT the standard they were selling with Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was presumed guilty immediately by Democrats who demanded he withdraw.

“Not every claim is equal,” Whitmer said. She claimed that there was “no pattern,” that she was very confident that Biden was “who he says he is.”

But of course while there was no pattern with Kavanaugh, with absolutely no complaints about him before, there have been plenty of complaints and questions about Joe Biden, with multiple other women accusing him of inappropriate touching and a boatload of videos of him being creepy or sniffing people’s hair on the internet.


But I wanted to point out something else that was said in there interview that Whitmer just skips right over and doesn’t really answer, but it’s a significant observation by Jake Tapper.

“You said you believe Vice President Biden,” Tapper said. “I want to compare that to 2018 when you said you believed Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford after she accused now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assault. Kavanaugh also, like Biden, categorically denied that accusation and Blasey-Ford, to be honest, she did not have the contemporaneous accounts of her view of what happened that Tara Reade does. You have spoken movingly about how you’re a survivor of assault yourself. Why do you believe Biden and not Kavanaugh? Are they not both entitled to the same presumption of innocence regardless of their political views?”

Exactly, Ford didn’t have the corroboration of having told people contemporaneously while Reade has at least six people who she told about the assault or the harassment. Even the “witnesses” Ford alleged were at the party where this supposedly happened said they were never at such a party and had no idea what she was talking about. She literally had nothing backing up anything she was saying. Yet, she was to be believed and Reade is not. The glaring difference is simply Democrat versus Republican.


While Tapper is admitting this, media and Democrats were largely not highlighting this during the Kavanaugh hearing when they were focused on stories running Kavanaugh down, everything from teenage drinking to things said in his high school yearbook. Nor are they even admitting this now, as you see Whitmer just blithely dismiss that part of the question.

Using Whitmer’s present standard that she wants to use for Biden, Kavanaugh should never have been put through any of what he had to endure. There was no evidence to back the claim at all and no justification for any of these Democrats for saying they believe Ford but not Reade based upon that standard.

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