Andrew Cuomo Tells Folks If You're Not Wearing a Mask, You Could Kill Someone, Here Are a Few Thoughts

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Sorry, I’m not one who thinks that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done a great job with the pandemic, despite media effort to paint him in a great light.

In this case, a lot of what Cuomo has done has been completely wrong and those decisions have cost people their lives. From leaving the subway open to requiring that nursing homes take patients who were positive for the virus, he has a lot to answer for.

But I wanted to point out the difference between words and actions that we see with Cuomo.

Here’s Cuomo encouraging people to wear a mask, saying that if you don’t, you might literally be killing someone. He also says local governments have the power to penalize you — and should — if you are not wearing a mask.

But initially, he said don’t wear a mask. He didn’t actually order that people start wearing masks in public until April 17, after thousands were already dead in New York. Up until that point, he carried on meeting with all kinds of people without a mask on.

Here’s a picture of Cuomo and his daughter, Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, outside on April 18, right after he issued the order, which his secretary posted to encourage mask-wearing. His daughter’s mask isn’t on right and I’m not even sure what the heck he’s wearing, but it isn’t on right, either. A mask should have a proper seal around the mouth and the nose.

He also seemed to be without a mask when visiting a hospital in Syracuse last Tuesday, April 28.

Here’s what looks like another picture from that visit.

Should we also remind Cuomo that maybe he wants to have a chat with his breaking-quarantine brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who’s now told multiple different stories about his quarantine?

Bottom line: people should be adults and be responsible for their own behavior. We agree. But far too many governors seem to think this gives them dictatorial powers that it doesn’t. Instead of treating people like adults, they demand compliance as though Americans are their children to order around. When they are doing things that they tell their constituents not to do or worse, such as sending people who tested positive to nursing homes who are at greatest risk, then maybe they’re not exactly living what they’re preaching.