Youtube Removed Video Showing UV Light Treatment Similar to What Trump Spoke of, 'Standard' for What Gets Removed Is Ridiculous

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

We reported on Saturday how Youtube had removed a video from a medical team at Cedars Sinai and Aytu Bioscience showing a UV light treatment.

Turns out the video had been flagged by New York Times reporter Davey Alba to Youtube. She flagged the video to Youtube because people were sharing it showed scientists were actually developing the idea that President Donald Trump had mused about during a briefing.

Can’t have that, must censor, even if it means disrupting the effort of an actual medical team working to fight the virus with an interesting idea. They weren’t endangering anyone with the video, the video explained the science and no one was going to be able to duplicate it.

Creative ideas now only allowed on Youtube, if they and the New York Times approve.

It gets worse.

Not only are they acceding to requests like Alba’s, they are pulling anything that “goes against WHO recommendations,” according to Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki. This may be one of the few times you’ll ever see me cite Tariq Nasheed.

He’s right. Now, it’s their platform and they certainly may put on what they choose. But when they are political and uneven in their application, we can also call them out on it.

Especially when they’re saying that the WHO is somehow the definer of what is “proper,” the guys who helped propagate China’s lies and have been wrong right down the line with their recommendations.

The WHO claimed on Jan. 14 that there was no evidence yet that the Wuhan coronavirus was communicable between humans; this despite Taiwan indicating otherwise. They also said at the end of January there was no reason to cut travel with China. This advisory may have allowed thousands to travel around the world and spread it all over.

What it comes down to is a social media platform is supposed to be neutral. But this is political and picking winners and losers, deciding what they choose to promote and not promote.