Report: Italy Donated PPE to China, China's Response Was Particularly Scummy

Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the Chuanshan port area of the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port in east China’s Zhejiang Province, Sunday, March 29, 2020. Authorities in China are working to restart its industries as number of new coronavirus cases and deaths fall in the country. (Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP)


When all this is past, there needs to be a reckoning with China.

Not only did they cover-up and lie about the virus, helping it spread, but their behavior since has been atrocious. Not only have they continued to lie about the number of cases and blamed the United States, they’ve also acted abysmally while supposedly “helping” others.

You may have heard some of the stories already but perhaps one of the worst stories is what they did to Italy.

When the virus was ravaging China, Italy donated a lot of PPE to China.

So, when Italy was hit hard, it sounded like a nice reciprocal gesture that China gave Italy some PPE.

Except maybe not so much.

From Spectator:

After COVID-19 made its way to Italy, decimating the country’s significant elderly population, China told the world it would donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help Italy stop its spread. Reports later indicated that China had actually sold, not donated, the PPE to Italy. A senior Trump administration official tells The Spectator that it is much worse than that: China forced Italy to buy back the PPE supply that it gave to China during the initial coronavirus outbreak.

‘Before the virus hit Europe, Italy sent tons of PPE to China to help China protect its own population,’ the administration official explained. ‘China then has sent Italian PPE back to Italy — some of it, not even all of it … and charged them for it.’


Exactly how scummy is that? To make Italy pay for what they donated, that’s pretty low.

This wasn’t the only story of China screwing over other countries under the guise of “helping” them.

Much of the supplies and testing kits China has sold to other countries have turned out to be defective. Spain had to return 50,000 quick-testing kits to China after discovering that they were faulty. In some cases, instead of apologizing or fixing the issue, China has blamed its defective equipment on others. China condescendingly told the Netherlands to ‘double-check the instructions’ on its masks, for example, after the Netherlands complained that half of the masks they were sent did not meet safety standards.

According to the senior Trump administration official, China’s disinformation delayed the response by at least a month. China was telling WHO and the world that there wasn’t human-to-human transmission as late as the middle of January.

‘It’s so disingenuous for Chinese officials now to say we are the ones who are helping the Italians or we are the ones who are helping the developing world when, in fact, they are the ones who infected all of us,’ the senior administration official said. ‘Of course they should be helping. They have a special responsibility to help because they are the ones who began the spread of the coronavirus and did not give the information required to the rest of the world to plan accordingly.’


The official said it’s hard to trust the information even now that they are putting out. “We’re operating on some level with a hand tied behind our back.”

China just announced at the end of March they would now be including asymptomatic people who had tested positive which they had not been including. That, of course, means their number of cases was false and way undercounted.


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