Former Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe Predicts Historic Levels of Turnout in Election for Trump, Big Trouble for Biden

In this image released by NBC’s Meet the Press, White House adviser David Plouffe appears on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in Washington, Sunday, July 31, 2011. The U.S. Senate plunged on Sunday into what many lawmakers, the White House, and millions of Americans hoped would be an all-but-decisive last-minute effort to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and defuse a crisis that still could lead to an unprecedented government default. Plouffe told “Meet the Press” that Democrats and Republicans are generally in agreement on an emerging package that would cut the deficit in two stages, with key details still being worked out. (AP Photo/NBC, William B. Plowman)


We’ve all been rather fixated on dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus. But there’s a rather big important event coming up in November.

What do the virus and all this upheaval mean for President Donald Trump’s chances of winning in November?

According to former campaign manager and adviser to Barack Obama, David Plouffe, who was considered the man behind Barack Obama’s win in 2008, Biden is in a lot of trouble.

During a Fox News Rundown podcast, Plouffe gave a surprisingly candid assessment.

“You look at the economic situation and say, ‘How can an incumbent win in that?’ But, you know, no one’s blaming Trump for the damage,” Plouffe explained. ” … I think if you can lay his crisis response at his feet and connect that to the economy, I do think that’s some headwind he’s got to run into.”

“But,” Plouffe continued, “almost no matter what happens, [the question is] can Donald Trump win Wisconsin? Can he win Michigan? Can he win Pennsylvania? Can he win Florida?’ Sure, because his base is so solid. And I think he’s going to turn out voters almost at a historical level on his behalf, so that makes him very dangerous if you’re Joe Biden.”


We already saw that prior to the virus taking hold, Trump was hitting record turnouts in the Republican primary despite his nomination being assured.

Now, Trump, with his handling of the pandemic, is on TV every day giving updates and his approval has gone up. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been stuck in this basement, trying to find relevance and gaffing on any appearance that the liberal media has tried to throw his way.

“There’s nothing he [Biden] can do about it. He’s not in office. He’s not a governor. He’s not the president. And truthfully, [New York Govornor] Andrew Cuomo, [California Govornor] Gavin Newsom … Donald Trump, citizens want to hear from those folks because they’re the folks making decisions.”

“So,” Plouffe said, “all Biden can do is leverage interviews … leverage social media every day … to communicate how you would handle this crisis.”

Biden is not doing very well. Even the things he’s managed to talk about are all things Trump has already done or put in place first.

During a crisis, more than anything people want to stay with what they know. What they know about Trump is that he’s handled this better than Biden would have, with Biden suggesting that cutting travel from China was somehow “xenophobia,” a key move that saved lives. They also will know going forward that the economy is going to need help coming back from this and it’s Trump that built the strong economy before this hit. People really aren’t going to bet their lives and their jobs on whether Joe is able to complete a sentence, know where he is, or even understand what’s going on.


Let’s fulfill Plouffe’s prediction because, for sure, the last thing this country needs to get back on its feet is Biden.


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