Rachel Maddow: Trump Claim He'd Have Hospital Ships Coming to Help NY and CA 'Nonsense.' Watch the Ships Arrive.

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The USNS Comfort docks in New York City, New York, March 30, 2020. (Townhall Media)

You have to wonder why people watch Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC.

It’s completely detached from reality and it’s spread nonsense conspiracy theories for three years.


It’s a constant hate fest aimed at President Donald Trump, no matter the facts.

Take the rant she had on March 20. The whole show was an exercise in trying to stoke greater panic, as if there weren’t enough proper concern already. But suggesting everything was out of control, hospitals had nothing, and claiming Trump was doing nothing in response. She even repeated the long-debunked lie that Trump called the virus a hoax and suggested he’d done nothing in three months.

If you want to take a dive down the hole, here’s that transcript.

But the main point I wanted to pick out from the rant was her claim that Trump was lying about deploying the two hospital ships, the USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort. She claimed Trump said they were going to be deployed next week and according to her, they weren’t even close to being deployed and wouldn’t be for weeks at least.

“In terms of the happy talk we`ve had on this front from the federal government, there is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of, the Comfort and the Mercy, there`s no sign that they`ll be anywhere on-site helping out anywhere in the country for weeks yet. The president said when he announced that those ships would be put into action against the COVID-19 epidemic. He said one of those ships would be operational in New York harbor by next week. That`s nonsense. It will not be there next week.”


According to the transcript, she continued to make the claim later in the show.

President Trump announced this week that the navy was sending two medical ships, one to New York City, one to the West Coast to help treat patients. He said the ships would be launched over the next week or so depending on need. Wrong. That was also wrong as NBC`s Courtney Kube puts it. Quote, it`s anybody`s guess when those ships will come in. One of those ships is currently undergoing maintenance. It has no medical personnel on board. The other one is also undergoing maintenance and it lacks a medical crew all together. Remember the president said it will be there next week. It won`t be there next week.

But in a stark example of what ridiculous fake news that was, the USNS Mercy was deployed from San Diego on its way to Los Angeles on March 23, three days after she made those remarks, and it arrived on March 27, one week after those remarks. It is already treating patients.


On Saturday, March 28, the USNS Comfort was deployed from Norfolk, Virginia with the President seeing her off.

It arrived in New York City today, with many cheered by the sight of her. Pretty amazing to see her sail by the World Trade Center.


Steaming past the Statue of Liberty.

Thank you, to all involved, from one situated in the “hot zone!” I hope Maddow is getting a good look.

Between Comfort and Mercy, we are definitely in a better place.


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