Hospital Exec (and Former Clinton Staffer) Said Trump Supporters Should 'Chew Some Ibuprofen and Be on With Your Day,’ Refuse Ventilators

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Workers from a Servpro disaster recovery team wearing protective suits and respirators are given supplies as they line up before entering the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Wash. to begin cleaning and disinfecting the facility, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, near Seattle. The nursing home is at the center of the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Washington state. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


Trump Derangement Syndrome is a harsh drug.

While most Americans are trying to pull together and do their best under challenging circumstances, some are making even a virus about their hatred of President Donald Trump.

Laura Krolczyk, who was the Vice President for external affairs for the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, was just given the boot for comments she made on Facebook to Lisa LaTrovato, the director of development for Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute, according to The Buffalo News. LaTrovato was put on leave for her remarks in response.

Turns out both women have also worked for Democratic politicians. Krolczyk worked for Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and LaTrovato worked for former NY Rep. Louise Slaughter.

What got them into trouble was the conversation after Krolczyk posted an article suggesting that the President was concerned about the price that GM was demanding to produce ventilators.

From The Buffalo News:

Krolczyk replied: “Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else … and not go to the hospital.”

LaTrovato responded: “I think they should be the only ones in packed churches on Sunday.”

Krolczyk then said: “They should barricade themselves in there and ride this out.”

LaTrovato replied: “Yup.”

Later, another Facebook user wrote: “Wow, just wow, so your saying we decide who lives and dies based on political views? Great plan (thumbs up emoji).”

Krolczyk responded: “That’s literally what he’s saying. Take your ‘wow’ and comprehend what your hero is saying. Your hero is saying YOU don’t need a ventilator. So don’t take one.”

Krolczyk added: “Also don’t cash your stimulus check. It’s all a hoax. Chew some ibuprofen and be on with your day.”


Yikes. This is supposed to be a person working for a hospital, a hospital where people are supposed to care about everyone, no matter their political beliefs, and she’s making public remarks like this.

The remarks were picked up by Republican political strategist Michael Caputo who encouraged people to call the hospitals and complain.

The hospital responded to the matter, saying the remarks were “inappropriate.” “They do not reflect the opinions of Roswell Park or its senior leadership,” according to CEO Candace S. Johnson.

The hospital further added that “This behavior is not tolerated at Roswell Park. If any team members act in a way that does not accord with that commitment, we will take swift and appropriate action, just as we did in this instance.”

It’s pretty horrible that allegedly professional people think that those are acceptable public remarks to make and it says something about their judgment, not to mention the false nature of the claims. Trump, of course, said no such thing. He and many folks are doing everything they can to both fight the virus and keep the economy afloat. They shouldn’t also be having to deal with the lies and the undermining from the Democrats. It’s one thing to disagree about policy, it’s another to make comments like this.


Trump is doing all he can to ensure that there are ventilators available for those who need it and there is no present lack anywhere according to Dr. Deborah Birx, as of Thursday. It’s only because of the Republicans pushing past the Democratic nonsense that Americans have the stimulus check; Democrats held it up for a week to try to put more pork in the bill. How many folks lost their jobs in that week? How many businesses went under? And these ladies are playing these cheap political games.

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