Pope Falls Sick With Unidentified Illness After Expressing Support for Coronavirus Patients, Shaking Hands With People In Square

Pope Francis listens to a reporter’s question on board the flight back to Rome from a two-day trip to Morocco, Sunday, March 31, 2019. Francis sought Sunday to encourage greater fraternity between Christians and Muslims in Morocco, telling his flock that showing the country’s Muslim majority they are part of the same human family will help stamp out extremism. (Alberto Pizzoli/Pool Photo via AP)


There are about 80,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide at this point.

Most recover and the percentage is better in free countries than in places like Iran.

But outside of China, where there have been concentrated outbreaks have been in Iran with a reported 254 cases (which is probably higher and being downplayed by officials) and Italy, with 400 cases.

Now there are reports about Pope Francis falling sick with an unidentified illness.

The Pope has come down with an illness, causing him to cancel a mass in Rome, after he expressed solidarity with coronavirus supporters.

“I wish, again, to express my closeness to those who are ill with coronavirus and to health care workers who are caring for them,” he said during a general audience in St. Peter’s Square on Ash Wednesday.

Although he didn’t meet with any identified coronavirus patients, he shook hands with and kissed people in the Square at a moment where the virus is spreading in Italy. He also greeted visiting bishops.


The Vatican isn’t identifying what illness the pope has, but he was seen coughing and blowing his nose during Ash Wednesday mass yesterday.

12 people have died of the virus in Italy out of the 400 cases.

At the age of 21, the pope had life-threatening pneumonia and three cysts. He had part of a lung removed shortly thereafter. So his respiratory system is more compromised.


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