This Is 'Principled Conservatism?' Joe Walsh Gives His Reaction to Bernie Win

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh


In the wake of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) winning the Nevada caucus, more moderate Democrats and Never Trump people have been having meltdowns and that realization moment that their real choice may be between President Donald Trump and a socialist.


They should have already known this, given that Bernie was predicted to win Nevada by a lot. But maybe it’s finally sinking in now.

So you have folks like Bill Kristol and Jen Rubin apparently still in the shock and denial meltdown phase.

But where is Joe Walsh, you know, that guy that Bill Kristol was supporting as a “principled Republican” who was going to appeal to people and take down Trump? You know the guy who recently dropped out of the race after realizing his effort was a complete fail and Trump (big surprise) would get the nomination?

Let’s listen to the pearls of wisdom from this “Republican.”

He’s there, trying to talk Tom Nichols off the ledge. And he goes there.


Um, socialism IS authoritarian.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that he thinks Trump is authoritarian compared to what any socialist/communist would be in power and how he has absolutely no perception of what is really at stake here. That he boils it down to Bernie being “naive” and just wanting “free college” or having policy differences. If Trump is such an authoritarian, why didn’t he do any of those things Walsh fears in his first term? Just nuts.

This was the guy that Never Trump folks put up as the “principled Conservative” choice? Yikes.


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