Really? Politico Has an Appalling Take on Attack on Trump Campaign Workers in Florida

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

You may have seen the story we reported over the weekend about a man who drove his van through a tent of GOP volunteers registering people to vote.


Now, it’s not hard to imagine that if this had been done by a man in a MAGA hat through a Democratic voter registration tent, we’d be hearing about it non-stop and it would likely lead every national newscast.

Yet, it got minimal coverage from anything except local stations, because Republicans were the victims. Fortunately, the volunteers escaped injury although they’re obviously very shaken-up.

Some did pick it up today.

Here’s the guy who was arrested, 27 year old Gregory Timm, who allegedly got out, videoed what he had done and gave them the finger before speeding off.


But one national news outlet had a pretty interesting take when they finally picked up the story.

Yup, Republicans are apparently ‘pouncing’ on their attempted murder with their ‘revenge.’

Who thought that title was a great take? Is there any wonder that people despise and don’t trust the media, believing them biased? They’re constantly demonstrating why.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the condemnation from Democrats of this act.

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