Boom: Actor Isaiah Washington Dunks All Over Susan Rice on Impeachment

Susan Rice

Susan Rice

One of my personal favorites (as in love to call out for their nonsense favorites) from the Obama administration is former national security adviser Susan Rice.


She earned my eternal ire when she went on the Sunday shows on September 16, 2012, after the attack on the mission in Benghazi and spun the fiction about it being all about an “internet video.”

I distinctly still recall how she threw the Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf under the bus on “Face the Nation.” He had just said the attack was obviously preplanned by al-Qaeda and they had some folks in custody. Then Rice came next on the show and laid out the talking point that they didn’t know and it was about an internet video. It was ridiculous and shameful, to help protect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

She really should have taken her ball and gone home, never showing her face again after that.

Alas, that wasn’t to be and she’s intermittently inserted her opinion into the public domain since then. Including last night immediately, after it became clear that the Democrats wouldn’t have the votes to get new witnesses and evidence into the Senate trial.

Rice, as usual, is wrong.

But actor Isaiah Washington, a big Trump supporter, had a few things to say to Rice, who is on the board of Netflix.



Washington is right on the money. Democrats had hoped to tar the president and harm the chances of Republicans with this whole exercise.

But instead, Trump’s approval numbers have actually gone up while this was going on, and are at their highest since inauguration.

And it’s galvanized Trump supporters and revealed to everyone just how craven and power hungry Democrats are.

So thanks for all your help, Democrats. See you (in tears) in November.


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