MSNBC's Chris Hayes Tries to Justify Spreading Iranian Propaganda, It Does Not End Well

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

As we reported, MSNBC spread an unverified rumor from Iranian media about the Iranian missile strikes on U.S. forces killing 30 Americans.


Now they couldn’t verify and said so, but ran with it anyway. It was of course picked up and spread everywhere on social media.

At about the same time, U.S. officials were releasing their initial reports and saying that there had been no casualties.

So of course, what did MSNBC run with? The Iranian propaganda.

Chris Hayes tried to justify running it, claiming they told everyone it was state media and unverified.

Talk about self-own: if you can’t verify it, plus you know if you have common sense that it’s likely propaganda, why run it at all? Not only do you have the problem of media wanting to be first and get the most clicks with the sensational, but now you also have to think about are they doing it simply to jack up their followers as much as possible against President Donald Trump, without a thought as to the consequences that might ensue.


For example:


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