What the Heck: Leftists Have Discovered a Sure Way to Get Trump Convicted and Removed

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is shilly-shallying around, sitting on the articles of impeachment like a chicken hoping to hatch more evidence, other folks on the left think they’ve figured out a sure way to get President Donald Trump convicted and removed.


Starting on Monday, a group of anti-Trump protesters have announced that they intend to show up at the Hart Senate office building every day until he is convicted and removed.

To advocate for his removal, they intend to walk around in circles until he’s gone, according to Julio Rosas of Townhall Media.

Rosas asked this small group of what appeared to be about thirty people if they actually had jobs.

She was wearing a “Trump is guilty” shirt, although it didn’t say guilty of what. Guilty of disturbing Democrats and those on the left by winning.

This kind of thing literally has no effect on anything and is the equivalent of walking in circles to go someplace. So why not actually walk in circles?


There was also a young child of school age with the group walking around in circles in the middle of the day on a school day. So are they going to keep this young child out of school continually too?


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