Texas Church Shooter Identified, Has Lengthy Criminal Record In Multiple States

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The shooter who killed two people at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas has been identified as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43.


Kinnunen was shot and killed by Jack Wilson who was part of the volunteer security force at the church. Authorities have also previously said that there was another parishioner who shot the attacker as well.


Tiffany Wallace, the daughter of one of the parishioners who was killed, Tony Wallace, said she saw the man who appeared to be wearing a fake beard and a trench coat.

Kinnunen was described as “transient” but with ties to the area and had attended the church before but was not well-known. His motive for the shooting is unclear.

He had a lengthy criminal record in multiple states going back over twenty years.

He’s been arrested and charged numerous times in Tucson, Arizona, Fort Worth, Texas, and Grady County, Oklahoma, where he was arrested in a domestic violence case in 2011 and charged with felony aggravated assault and battery on his wife who later got a restraining order against. He ultimately pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery and got 90 days in jail, with time served.

In 2012, he was arrested in Oklahoma and charged with third-degree arson. He pled guilty and received time in that case.

He already had a record in Arizona where he was arrested multiple times. In 1998, he was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit; in 2000, he was convicted of driving without a license; in 2004, a disorderly conduct charge that was dismissed; 2010, misdemeanor theft with multiple failures to appear; in 2011, assault and disorderly conduct in Tucson and also had failure to appear ; and finally in 2014, assault, knowing causing injury.


He had arrests in New Jersey including one in 2016 where he was discovered taking pictures of an oil tank field. Police found he had a contempt of court warrant for felony aggravated assault and when they went to his home to get him, they found he has a Mossberg .12 gauge shotgun. He was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and pled guilty to a lesser charge.

In Texas, he had two counts of felony aggravated assault which were then pled down to a lesser charge of “misdemeanor deadly conduct” (placing a person is danger of serious bodily injury). In 2014, he pled guilty to misdemeanor theft.

What his record makes clear is that he was not able to legally obtain a gun. Why was a guy with this history even out?

Authorities have not yet commented on a motive.

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