Swalwell to Trump: We Can Only Conclude You Are Guilty Unless You Prove You Are Innocent

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What is it with these Democratic lawmakers who swore to uphold the Constitution but don’t seem to have the first understanding of what it’s about or what it’s provisions mean?


We heard from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) who said that President Donald Trump daring to go to court to fight the Democrats requests for documents and testimony was “obstruction.”

Then House Democrats actually made it an article of impeachment that somehow that was “obstruction of Congress.”

Now, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who actually thought he could run for president, pushed that same thought and basically just said that Trump is guilty until he proves himself innocent.

He had also double down on that though earlier in the day, trying to compare it a drug test in baseball.


He doesn’t seem to understand it’s the Democrats responsibility to prove Trump guilty. The reason he doesn’t want to acknowledge that and he wants to transfer the burden of proof to Trump is because the Democrats have simply been unable to produce the evidence to support their claims. But making such statements is an affront to the Constitution that he’s supposed to be upholding.

Of course, this whole impeachment process has been a huge affront, since the Founders specifically wanted to exclude it from being a way to settle political differences, they wanted it to be reserved only for real “high crimes and misdemeanors” not “we’re unhappy because we lost so we will try to take you out.”

It’s pretty sad when members of Congress have to be schooled on such basic things. It’s worse when this is how they perform their sworn duties.

Of course, unless you’re a Democrat, then there’s virtually never a prosecution and everything goes quietly away. You can spy on Congress, lie to Congress, spy on reporters, spy on your opponents, send guns to Mexican cartels that get hundreds killed, but it’s all cool.


Not to mention, it takes some gall when the House Dems refused to allow witnesses proposed by Republicans, refused to permit the White House to have counsel for most of the proceedings. Not to mention, there’s ample evidence of innocence – the transcript, the testimony of the witnesses who said there was no quid pro quo and the word of the Ukrainians. They simply choose to ignore it.


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