Democrat Helping Set Rules for Trump Impeachment Vote Was Impeached for Bribery

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


House Democrats were debating the rules for the impeachment vote on Tuesday.

How hypocritical they are was clear from who they had helping them out as vice-chair of the rules committee.


Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) was a federal judge until he was impeached for bribery and perjury, then convicted on eight of 11 articles in the Senate in 1989 and removed.

Oops, actual bribery. Someone want to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so she knows what real bribery looks like?

But there Hastings was helping to set the rules. At least he could certainly say he had experience!

The Treasury Department also paid $220,000 in an undisclosed agreement in December 2017 to settle a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment against Hastings, according to Roll Call.

Hastings also appears to be presently under investigation. It was announced in November that the House Ethics Committee was investigating him in relation to whether his relationship with a staffer, Patricia Williams, violated rules forbidding members from having sexual relationships with subordinates in the House.


Not only weren’t Democrats shamed by Hastings’ background, Rep. Jamie Raskin actually praised Hastings for his “work for democracy and freedom and anti-corruption.”

And they have the nerve to presume to sit in judgment on President Donald Trump?

Talk about a circus.

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