Adam Schiff Finally Goes on Fox, Squirms Trying to Justify Impeachment

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) finally made it on to Fox to try to justify the Democrats’ Articles of Impeachment.


He drew perhaps who he thought was the most amenable anchor for the interview, Chris Wallace. But Wallace did get in a couple of good questions that left Schiff squirming and spinning untruths.

Schiff looked horrible with red eyes and with what looked like vampire-like make-up, coupled with nerves. He did not do well.

Wallace asked after all the claims about bribery and extortion, why Democrats hadn’t included any crimes, much less those in the articles of impeachment?

Schiff claimed that they were included within the claim of “abuse of power” which they were not. He then suggested that that was just a catch-all for all the prior Democratic claims that had failed or been debunked by things like the Mueller report.

“Most pernicious,” Schiff claimed, was the attempt to get an “ally” to help him “cheat in the next election,” a claim they completely failed to prove. Meanwhile the Democratic efforts to undermine Trump with Russian information and colluding with foreign national Christopher Steele are well-proven fact.


He claimed that somehow this “sacrificed our national security.” But indeed, it is the Democrats’ effort of impeachment that has impaired our relationship with Ukraine because of their effort to politicize everything and impede the effort into stopping corruption in Ukraine. Meanwhile, it’s impaired the President’s ability to conduct foreign policy as he should. And it’s incredibly ironic given that Barack Obama left Ukraine naked and open to being invaded by Russia by first getting them to give up their weapons with which they could have defended themselves and then failing to provide them weapons for that defense when they begged for them after the Russians invaded. They only got them after President Donald Trump came in and provided them.

Wallace also nailed him on obstruction where Schiff’s responses were even weaker.

Wallace asked how could challenging Democrats in court over their requests for documents or people to testify be considered obstruction, especially given the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case of Trump challenging turning over financial records. “Why is going to Court an impeachable offense?” Wallace asked.


Schiff claimed “refusing to comply with the oversight of Congress” is, indicating he failed to understand the nature of the three co-equal branches of government. He really thinks he has the right to tell the president what to do. He tried to bring up Nixon calling it a “far less comprehensive breach” which, of course, was false. He then confirms that he doesn’t think that the president has a constitutional right to access to the courts and resorting to the courts is an act of obstruction, which is insane.

Democrats keep pitching this. But the more they try to convince Americans like this, the more they expose what a nakedly political act it is. And if Schiff gets called in the Senate and does this badly, it’s going to be quite something.

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