Democrat Hank Johnson Wants to Impeach Trump for Being Too Tall

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How far gone are the Democrats? How desperate are they to defeat President Donald Trump?

Well, if the words of Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) are any sample, Democrats are truly hard up for an excuse.


During the impeachment hearing today, Johnson began to harangue Trump for something horrible. Being taller than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Johnson claimed that Trump was taller and his chair was bigger than Zelensky’s so that was somehow intimidating and contributed to an “imbalance of power.” He also claimed that Zelensky looked like his daughter “duct taped in the basement” in the conversation with Trump.

How insane is this? Imagine if Ukraine and Zelensky are listening to this craziness? What must they think when we have such nutty people in government? Who thinks of such things?

The White House responded.


They also noted how wrong that Johnson was about the chair.

Donald Trump, Jr. reminded everyone of the infamous Hank Johnson ‘It Might Tip Over’ Guam video.


There’s also this one:

They just can’t stop being crazy.


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