Jim Jordan Busts Dem Law Prof Pam Karlan For Misrepresenting Trump's Words on Ukraine Call

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Among the law professors Democrats called to support their impeachment narrative at the House hearing on Wednesday was Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan.


Karlan had a history of being anti-Trump and wasn’t able to keep up the veneer of being an “objective” witness.

Of course as we noted earlier, they weren’t there to actually be fact witnesses, they didn’t have any knowledge on the facts of the case to offer. They were only there to do a dog and pony show to offer their opinion to help Democrats convince more Americans to support impeachment. And in that, they failed spectacularly, in large measure because of Karlan’s very apparent bias.

Karlan misrepresented what President Donald Trump said in the July 25th Ukraine call. She said that he used the royal “do us a favor” to President Volodymyr Zelensky. “When the president said ‘do us a favor,’ he was using the royal we there,” she claimed. “It wasn’t a favor for the United States. He should have said do me a favor. because only kings say us when they mean we.”

How obnoxious and completely inaccurate is that?


But Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) busted her falsehood big time, explaining that Trump wasn’t referring to himself but specifically to the United States, that Trump actually said the favor was because the U.S. had been through so much in the very next sentence of the call.

Jordan blasted Karlan, that her false characterization ignored the entire context of the conversation upon which she was supposedly rendering an opinion.

The “do us a favor” was about helping out with the investigation of the meddling against the United States in 2016. It had nothing to do with Biden and nothing to do with a personal favor. And about as far from being a “king” as you can get.

But it just exposed how crazy the bias was and how empty the whole Democratic case is.


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