Warren: If I Became President, My Goal Would Be to Get Rid of Electoral College by 2024

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was in Waterloo, Iowa campaigning over the weekend.

During her event, she said that she wanted to get elected, but that she wanted to make it her goal to be the “last American president” elected by the Electoral College. She said she wanted her “second term” to be one she earned in 2024 winning by popular vote. “I just think this is how a democracy should work,” Warren said. “Call me old-fashioned, but I think the person who gets the most votes should win.”


No, that’s not “old fashioned,” old-fashioned is actually understanding the importance of the Electoral College.

Can we call out the absolute delusion here, on so many levels?

The people who cheer this silliness not only don’t seem to understand the Constitution but they also don’t realize this is just incredible ridiculous pandering to appeal to them and doesn’t have a chance in hell of happening. It’s pretty dishonest of Warren to suggest it’s possible or that she could have any real hand in making it happen, if she were president.

They’re upset because Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. And they think if they have California and New York that this will guarantee they win if it’s switched to the popular vote.

But it isn’t happening and certainly not in 2024.

In order to amend the Constitution, you need a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the states, or 38 of the current 50.


Some Democrats think they’ve found an end run around it with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, where states agree that they will have their electors vote for the winner of the popular vote. But there are a boatload of constitutional problems with it, including that states arguably can’t enter into a compact to force electors how to vote since they are supposed to be free to vote as they choose. Article 1, Section 10 also provides that “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress… enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State.” So the very nature of this end around is unconstitutional.

But beyond that, most of the states who have passed this are blue states. So what could theoretically happen if this actually passed could be that the blue states would then be forced to vote for a Republican if that Republican won the national popular vote, thereby subverting the will of the votes of the people of the state. That would put the electors in a difficult position of voting with their state or voting with the national popular vote. And that would blow apart the compact.


Warren isn’t the only one pushing to eliminate the Electoral College, most of the Democrats running have suggested getting rid of it, another reason not to vote for any of them. But she is the only one claiming it as a personal goal and suggesting it’s possible to do by 2024. Just another example of how empty and false her promises are. Just another reason not to vote for her.


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