Media Posts Number of Migrant Kids in Detention, but There's One Big Problem With the Story

There’s nothing quite so good as a media self-own story.

The AFP ran a story claiming there were 100,000 illegal alien children being held in U.S detention centers.


Other outlets also ran the story which appears to have originated from a UN source, claiming over 100,000 children in detention violates international law.

Now, of course, the point of this is to smack the current administration.

Except there was a small problem with the story.

The number was from 2015. Guess who was president then? Hint: not President Donald Trump.

But the fake news gave the EU Bureau chief of the China Daily, the media organ of the Communist Party, an opportunity to preach propaganda against us.

Great job, inaccurate media!

Just being logical, most people would know that the government wouldn’t have the facilities to house that many kids at any one time in detention centers. This is over the course of the year, as kids are moved in and out, not all at one time.

But once they figured out that it was Barack Obama, then the story was apparently no longer newsworthy. The AFP and some of the other outlets announced they would be pulling the story.


Why did it suddenly become not newsworthy? Hmm…

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