Win: SCOTUS Rules Against Dems Attempt to Get Trump's Financial Records, for Now

The House Oversight Committee has been trying to get eight years of the accounting records of President Donald Trump.

This unprecedented effort to root through any records to see what they can find on Trump should concern everyone. It isn’t even just about Trump, it’s about the improper usage of power by the Congress intruding improperly into the executive branch and trying to get private records from before Trump was president. They don’t even have it attached to any claim of improper action. Attached to an actual claim, it would be properly restricted to any relevant information, not eight years of all records. But now they just want all his records to see if they can find anything on which to get him. If the Congress is allowed to just indiscriminately get tax returns and other financial records from the President, whose private records would be safe in the future?


But at least for the moment, the Democrats have been forestalled.

From Daily Caller:

Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked a lower court ruling requiring President Donald Trump’s accounting firm to turn over eight years worth of Trump accounting records to the House Oversight Committee in a short Monday order.

The decision, called an administrative stay, means House Democrats will not have access to Trump’s financial information until the Supreme Court decides how it wants to handle the dispute.

The D.C Circuit had ruled that Trump had to turn the records over, prompting an appeal. Roberts makes the decision as to emergent matters coming out of the D.C. Circuit.

Roberts ruled the request for the records was stayed until further action of the court.



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