Breaking: Ukraine Hoax Failing, House Now Investigating If Trump Lied to Mueller

How do you know the Ukraine effort is going down in flames?

CNN (of course) is just breaking that House Democrats are now investigating if President Donald Trump lied in written answers that he gave to Special Counsel Robert Mueller during his Russia probe.


Now, keep in mind – Democrats have had Mueller’s report since the spring, Mueller testified months ago.

Mueller did not state that Trump lied in any way, he didn’t even imply it.

And he made it very clear that he didn’t find any conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Yet now, Democrats want to try to circle back and say that somehow Trump lied in a response? Are they joking? Do they take Americans for fools?

So what is the alleged lie? Well, just like the Ukraine witch hunt where we don’t even know what the alleged “impeachable” offense is supposed to have been, who the heck knows?

Doesn’t even sound like they know. But hey, they’ll find it.

Listen to this:

From Daily Caller:

The House of Representatives is reportedly investigating whether President Donald Trump lied to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller during his investigation into the president.

“Did the President lie? Was the President not truthful in his responses to the Mueller investigation?” House general counsel Douglas Letter told the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit about why the House now needs access to material from Mueller’s investigation, CNN first reported.


CNN suggests that Trump’s responses with regard to Roger Stone might be untrue. But if that were true, Democrats would have the testimony during Stone’s trial and Trump’s responses, they wouldn’t need any further information from the grand jury. It sounds like a transparent excuse to the court to justify getting the grand jury information as well as to serve the need of the media and the Democrats to suggest that there’s been wrongdoing discovered.

Democrats have no idea if there actually is a lie, but they just want all the grand jury information Mueller had to see what they can manufacture, oops, I mean find, even though Mueller didn’t find it.

At what point does this ridiculous nonsense stop?

People should realize that the only way this is going to stop is to vote out Democrats in the House and take them out of power. Then maybe we can get back to sanity.

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