Breaking: ABC News Anchor Caught on Hot Mic Saying Network Spiked Her Epstein Story

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Project Veritas just dropped a big video where ABC News anchor Amy Robach is caught on hot mic talking to a producer basically saying ABC killed the story on Jeffrey Epstein three years ago.


The hot mic moment was caught in August after Epstein had been arrested and a lot of information came out on him. It was also caught after he died in jail.

Robach says the reasons ABC refused to run it three years ago was because no one knew who Jeffrey Epstein was. Additionally, there were threats from “the Palace” because of the allegations made about Prince Andrew, that Buckingham Palace “threatened us a million different ways.” But because they wanted to maintain their ability to “interview Kate and Will” [Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton] that also contributed to the story being quashed.

“She had pictures, she had everything,” Robach said of Virginia Roberts Guiffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims. “It was unbelievable what we had, we had Clinton, we had everything.”

Robach also spoke about what she thought about the death of Epstein, saying that yes, she believed he had been killed, not that he committed suicide.

“So do I think he was killed? A hundred percent, yes, I do,” she said. “He made his whole living blackmailing people. Yep. There were a lot of men on those planes. A lot of men who visited that island. A lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

She also said she believed Ghislaine Maxwell, who she characterized as getting girls for Epstein, also knew everything and should be concerned for her safety.

ABC has never aired the interview they had with Guiffre, even after the story broke and all the information came out.


ABC has issued a statement from Robach in the wake of the release of the Project Veritas video.

In the statement, Robach characterizes the video as a “private moment of frustration.” She says that she was never told to stop reporting on Epstein and that it didn’t run because it didn’t have “sufficient corroboration evidence.”

You can judge based on her own words in the Project Veritas video whether she thought there was “sufficient corroborating evidence.” And was there still not corroborating evidence after all the information came out this year?

One has to wonder exactly when three years ago she had the story and whether the fact that it was likely during the election had anything to do with not running the story.


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