Former Navy Seal Appears on 'Watters World,' Delivers a PSA That Leaves Everyone on the Floor

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Jesse Watters was covering the story of the media’s meltdown over President Donald Trump’s tweet with the photoshop of Conan the hero military dog getting a medal with a paw on it.


He had former Navy Seal and dog trainer Mike Ritland on as a guest. But he may not have counted on what Ritland was about to say.

Ritland is the founder of the Warrior Dog Foundation. The foundation helps to find homes for military dogs after their service is done and they are in need of a home.

He came on with his dog Nero and spoke about the the service of military dogs.

Watters thanked him and then Ritland asked if he could throw out a “PSA.” Hold yourself together when you get to the end and hear what he has to say.

Ritland said because of the dogs being highlighted in the news, because of Conan’s bravery, it created a huge demand from people who “frankly shouldn’t have them.” He said that if you wanted one of them, to make sure that you bought a “fully trained and finished dog from a professional or just don’t get one at all.”


Then he said, “And Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Oh, my.

Watters was clearly taken aback for a moment and then he began laughing. But he held it together.

“Thank you for that commentary,” Watters smiled. “Maybe more on that later.”

Needless to say, the video went viral immediately.

This follows a report in the news that Dr. Michael Baden, the famous forensic pathologist and former chief medical examiner in New York City, found the Jeffrey Epstein’s death was more likely a homicide than a suicide because of the nature of the injuries.


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