How Deluded is Media About Impeachment? Kristi Swanson Points Out One Nutty Example, But There's More

It’s no secret that a lot of the liberal media is on board with the Democrats’ effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

But how deluded is liberal media about the possibility of what an impeachment effort can actually achieve?


Democrats have given indication that they’re going to try to go after Vice President Mike Pence as well.

As we previously reported the Chairs of the Committee who were looking into the Ukraine question demanded any documents or information that Pence might have “in conveying or reinforcing the President’s stark message to the Ukrainian President.”

Of course, this was all ridiculous since Ukraine President Zelensky has already debunked the claim that he was pressured or that there was a quid pro quo. But why let facts get in the way?

But that’s given wing to those on the left that think it might be possible to take out both Trump and Pence and get President Pelosi.

And as actress Kristy Swanson points out, media is stoking that fantasy.

The line under Pence? “Or could it be President Pelosi?” Yes, the pic is real, it’s an actual Newsweek cover.


Exactly. It’s basically Resistance porn, to feed fantasy to the base. Notice also the other thing on the cover: “How to survive a recession” making people think that’s coming while we’re in one of the strongest economies ever.

It’s the same magazine that printed this.

But it’s not only Newsweek.

Here’s CNN as well, actually postulating it as a real thing, from a CNN legal analyst, the theory being that if Pence said anything about Ukraine, he could be dragged into the controversy.

This is Grade A, Stage 4 TDS. Do they really think they can extend this idiocy to Pence as well? Or that it’s even conceivable that this Senate would take out both Trump and Pence, in favor of Pelosi?

It ain’t happening.


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