Trump Posts Lovely Tweet About Elijah Cummings, Still Gets Attacked by Media and Left

Media will find any way to attack President Donald Trump, whether there’s reason to or not.

They showed that again today in the wake of the death of Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Elijah Cummings (D-MD).


Trump had a very public disagreement with him in July over the condition of Baltimore.

Trump put that aside and praised Cummings in a tweet, sending condolences to his family.

But the reaction back from some was incredible.

PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor was representative of some, criticizing Trump for being kind and decent on Cummings’ passing.

Is she kidding? Nope, this is what they really think.


What? Being sympathetic is “insulting.”

They don’t believe Trump is human:

Had Trump said anything critical, they would have blasted him. Had he said nothing, they would have attacked him for ignoring his death.

There was no way he was winning with them, so he just did the decent thing regardless.

How would they have responded if it had been Trump who passed?

You know already the answer to that.

Other folks on the right, despite their differences with Cummings, praised or had kind words for him.


HT: Twitchy


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