Violent Meme? How About Actual Violence Against Trump Supporters Like These Attacks

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Liberal media is all atwitter today over a video that was shown at a pro-Trump conference.

The video shows people with the logos of various networks replacing their faces getting shot at. The video was shown to a view people off in a side room and wasn’t endorsed by Trump or the White House. The White House immediately condemned the video. It was an old video from a year ago that had minimal viewership – until media began sharing it.


They claim that this is a result of Trump cultivating hate against the media.

But they’re completely lacking in self-awareness about the divisive climate they themselves have cultivated by demonizing the president as an existential threat and pushing conspiracy theories about his legitimacy and his presidency.

They ignore video such as the one from Snoop Dogg targeting President Donald Trump for assassination, aiming a gun at Trump’s head.

They ignore actual harassment and attacks, not memes or videos, on GOP officials and Trump supporters.

Did the media condemn Democrats demonizing Republicans over healthcare and calling the GOP an existential threat? Many GOP members were attacked and harassed by people on the left, the most known incident being the folks shot at the GOP baseball practice by a Bernie Bro who yelled, “This is for healthcare” as he shot at people.

Has the media condemned the Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who encouraged harassment of Trump officials?

Did network media even cover the attacks on Trump supporters at the Minnesota rally? Where was the network coverage and condemnation of this?

We covered some of the rally attacks here and here. But here’s another one.


Here’s a longer take of many of the attacks from local Alpha News.

Warning for graphic language.

No one should be encouraging violence against anyone and violence should be condemned.

Yet media seems often quiet when it comes to real violence directed at the GOP or Trump supporters. And even in the case of Antifa attacks, people like CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have minimized such violence treating it more as a bug rather than a feature, saying that Antifa’s cause is “right” or “just.”

People see that and they see the double standard.

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