Trump, Jr Does a Terrific Dunk on Hillary Clinton, And That May Not Be All She's Facing

Democrats have been trying to get President Donald Trump out of office pretty much since he was elected. They’ve never been able to accept that he won.

Because of that, the American people have had to deal with things like the Russia collusion hoax and the Mueller probe, and now the Ukraine effort. Thanks Democrats, for constantly being divisive because you didn’t get your own way.


Perhaps the best example of this is the 2016 candidate, Hillary Clinton herself.

She just hasn’t been able to deal with the loss and has been left to trying to poke at Trump on social media.

She tried this tweet attacking Trump which was completely lacking in self-awareness.

That didn’t go over well as she found out.

The best response was Donald Trump, Jr.

Some good follow-ups.

But there are a few investigations that Hillary Clinton should be thinking about.

Ukraine has just opened an investigation into Ukraine’s meddling in our election in 2016. According to reports, the Ukrainians said they did it to help Clinton and Politico has detailed some of the involvement of the Democrats working to help Hillary.


Congress has renewed their request for information from the DOJ that they asked for originally in July 2017 and have demanded to know the status of investigation into the meddling.

That letter also highlighted news reports that, during the 2016 presidential election, “Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump” and did so by “disseminat[ing] documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggest[ing] they were investigating the matter[.]”[2] Ukrainian officials also reportedly “helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers.”[3]

At the center of this plan was Alexandra Chalupa, described by reports as a Ukrainian-American operative “who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee” and who reportedly met with Ukrainian officials during the presidential election for the express purpose of exposing alleged ties between then-candidate Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Russia.[4] Politico also reported on a Financial Times story that quoted a Ukrainian legislator, Serhiy Leschenko, as saying that Trump’s candidacy caused “Kiev’s wider political leadership to do something they would never have attempted before: intervene, however indirectly, in a U.S. election.”[5]


There’s the DOJ itself, which has U.S. Attorney John Durham saying yes, indeed he is looking into Ukraine meddling in the election.

Finally, there’s the Russia probe investigation in which Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS through Perkins Coie to get Russian dirt via Christopher Steele.

After three years of Democrats saying it’s collusion and a crime to get information from a foreign national, let’s lay it all out there, what was done. Thinking that Hillary is not going to look very good at the end of it.


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