Hilarious: Here's How Climate Change Gang Is Saving the Planet

Screenshot from this video.

The climate change activists of the group “Extinction Rebellion” have been about trying to save the planet over the past few days.


Were they picking up trash? Doing clean up at the ocean?


They were throwing a “Climate Strike” in London during which they were doing interpretive dance, yoga and just downright weird things. Daily Wire caught a lot of the action.

Note all the plastic tents used to block the streets and cause cars to spew more carbon emissions into the air.

Check out all the yoga mats made with fossil fuels:

I’m sure people gave up their fossil fuel use after this:


This scared me more than a little:

No idea what’s going on here:

There were diesel generators in vicinity seemingly powering the camps there, although Daily Wire didn’t confirm they were for the group.

But some of the group did make it to McDonald’s. Apparently no one told them about the bad plastic use and the horrible meat eating that contributes to killing the planet.

And how much water was wasted cleaning up this ridiculous stunt? Did they pollute with whatever they used?

But it’s a great racket. According to one account, Extinction Rebellion is raking in close to $50,000 a day.


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