Graham: NY Times Is 'Trying to Stop Barr' From Investigating Russia Probe

Screengrab from this Fox video.
Screengrab from this Fox video.

Why does there suddenly seem to be a full-court press by Democrats and the media to denigrate Attorney General William Barr? The latest example being the NY Times story suggesting there was something wrong with Barr talking with Australian officials about the origins of the Russian probe.


Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) appeared on “Hannity” last night and called it out, plain and simple. Relevant part starts at 1:42.

Graham said the NY Times story was the beginning of the effort to try to shut down Barr’s investigation. “I want to say on national television. Barr should be talking to Australia. He should be talking to Italy. He should be talking to the U.K. to find out if their intelligence services worked with our intelligence services improperly to open up a counter-intelligence investigation of Trump’s campaign,” Graham declared. “If he’s not doing that, he’s not doing his job.”

Then Graham 2.0 dropped the Trump card on Democratic hypocrisy.

He pulled out a letter from Democrats written in May, 2018 to Ukraine, which said that if they didn’t comply in the Mueller investigation, Democrats would withhold their aid. Graham questioned why Democrats thought that was “okay” to do in the investigation of President Donald Trump, but think it was not okay simply to ask for their help in the investigation of how the Russia probe started under the Obama administration.


“This is an attempt to stop Barr from finding out what happened in the 2016 campaign,” Graham said. “What are they afraid of? This really bothers me a lot if the NY Times is going to say there’s something wrong with talking to Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom.” Graham observed that if Democrats were truly concerned about foreign interference in the election they should be concerned about “Christopher Steele being hired by the Democratic party.” Steele, an anti-Trump British national, was the person who sought alleged Russian info to undermine Trump for the Democrats through Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie.

Earlier in the show, Sean Hannity observed how it was the Democrats who not only solicited Russian information through Christopher Steele, but they also solicited Ukraine to undermine the Trump campaign. They in fact succeeded in that, by tarring Paul Manafort and forcing his resignation, Hannity said.

Hannity pressed Graham as to when we’re going to get the results of the FISA investigation, noting Democrats didn’t care about interference through all their actions in 2016 between Russian and Ukraine info, even “screwing poor Bernie” in the primary.

Graham indicated during the interview that the FISA results were coming within two weeks.


The last nugget that Graham dropped was a great question. Who was the whistleblower, Graham asked, and would we find that he or she was somehow connected to this “old intelligence community” propagated by former CIA head John Brennan and former DNI James Clapper.

If that turns out to be the case, prepare for all kinds of explosion on the part of the GOP and Trump.

Good on Graham for blasting this for what it is. There is nothing wrong with what Barr is doing in investigating the origins of the Russia probe. Unless maybe you’re scared of being found out for doing illegal or improper things.

It’s shameful that the New York Times once again seems to be carrying water for the Democratic narrative.


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