Flashback: Watch When Dems Scorned Impeaching a President "For Political Battles"

Democrats have been pushing impeachment pretty much since President Donald Trump was elected.

Of course, it really has nothing to do with anything he’s done and everything to do with trying to re-litigate the 2016 election.


How do we know this? Well, if it wasn’t already obvious, we could just take a look back at their words the last time the question of impeachment came up, during the administration of President Bill Clinton.

Let’s hear from some of them.

Here’s House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), telling us that they should not be trying to undo a national election and overriding the vote of the people.

How about Joe Biden? He reminds everyone that the President serves at the pleasure of the people, not the Congress.

Republicans may not have liked Bill Clinton, but there’s no match in modern times to the hatred and complete mania that Democrats feel over Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) warns about being paralyzed with fear of the President, so much so that you would violate privacy and the normal checks and balances.

Almost like you might do if you spied on your opponent’s campaign and tried to undermine it, even getting the FBI and the media in on the act in an unprecedented abuse of power.

Then there’s Mad Maxine, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). Now she’s been on a hate-filled rant even before Trump won in 2016. Everyone recalls how she even encouraged people to “get up in” the faces of Trump officials and “push back” wherever her minions might see those officials, which was then followed by a number of officials being harassed. Waters preached against impeachment and hatred, and not being oblivious to what the people say.


Thanks to Rich Weinstein for digging up some of these great videos.

Perhaps the best was Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who warned about “impeaching over politics,” that Democrats might demand payback and try to impeach a Republican president if the GOP dared go after Clinton. You think?

But here Democrats are now, doing everything they can to push impeachment over politics, even knowing they will fail to convict in the Senate if they were to manage to impeach in the House. And even knowing that about 60% of America is against it, against them overturning the results of an election.

From NY Post:

That the Democrats have been talking impeachment since before Trump was even sworn in has made the voters a bit cynical about them. “I’m like, yeah, boy who cried wolf,” Donna Burgraff, a Tennessee independent who voted for Barack Obama and Donald Trump, told the Times. “You’ve got to have something big, and I haven’t seen something big.” One Times reporter said she spoke to six middle-of-the-road voters, and all of them vehemently opposed impeachment.

The Clinton impeachment saga lasted six months. If it takes six months this time, it’ll wrap up just seven months before the next election. Why bother? The voters will have their say soon enough. And impeachment will eat Washington. Nothing else will get done. This should matter to Democrats, because it looked as if they might get at least some of their gun-control ideas passed into law. Not anymore. Gun control has been pushed off the back burner and disappeared behind the stove.

If impeachment goes on for the next several months, Democrats will hardly be able to go to the voters and claim they delivered anything for them. Republicans in swing districts where gun control is popular might well say, “Look, we may have had a consensus to do something on this, but the Democrats decided to waste all of our time playing politics.”


And if all they get out of all this, Democratic voters will eat them alive and Trump will sail into office in 2020.



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