Planned Parenthood president: Say ‘yes’ to life…if you make it out of the womb

Ah, irony. From Cecile Richards’ commencement speech to Barnard College, an all-women school:

These women didn’t wait to be asked. They just jumped headfirst.

To borrow some wisdom from Lena Dunham, “Don’t wait around for someone else to tell your story. Do it yourself by whatever means necessary.”

If you hold out for an invitation, chances are good you’ll miss the party. And by the party, I mean life.

Growing up, Mom always told me, “The answer to life is yes.”

This is the only life you have so make the most of it. Take every opportunity and risk you can. You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do because you were afraid to try.


That’s right. The head of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, thinks that “the answer to life is yes.”

Of course, Richards was talking about saying “yes” to life after birth. Prior to that stage of being, it’s clear that one of the nation’s most powerful women is much against women saying “yes” to life. Over 150,000 women, in fact, will never have the opportunity to make a decision about whether to say “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” in 2014 because of Planned Parenthood.

According to my calculations, Planned Parenthood is killing off six percent of the females who would otherwise leave the womb with a chance to say “yes” to life.

Consider the following:

For 2014, it is projected that there will be 4.28 million births in the United States of America. Of those, 48.8 percent will be female. (1.0 girls are born for every 1.05 males.) This means 2,088,640 girls will be born this year.

According to the latest available data, for 2011, there were 1.06 million abortions. Assuming this drops slightly due to pro-life laws that are being enforced across the nation — among other factors — let’s assume that one million abortions will happen in America this year. (Abortion rates have been on a steady decline for most of the last two decades.)


This means that 18.9 percent of babies will be aborted in 2014. So how many lives are Richards and her subordinates responsible for ending?

Planned Parenthood claimed credit for 333,964 abortions in 2011, which means 31.5 percent of abortions in America were done in the clinics of Planned Parenthood. (This does not count the abortifacients Planned Parenthood handed out, which is not included in the organization’s annual report.)

So, assuming 48.8 percent of abortions in America are done to girls, and 31.5 percent of them are done by people working under Richards’ umbrella, 153,270 unborn girls will not be given the chance to say “yes” to life this year because of Planned Parenthood.

Oddly, a search for the word “abortion” in Richards’ speech brought up no references to Planned Parenthood’s favorite procedure. Perhaps even she thought it a bit much to talk about supporting women while acknowledging her organization is responsible for killing so many.

Dustin Siggins is the Washington, D.C. Correspondent for, where this piece was originally published.



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