DC's Best Regulator Tries to Save a Small Business from Government

Not content with Restoring Internet Freedom from burdensome regulation, Ajit Pai wants to save a small business from a cronyist licensing law in the states. Did it work?


Elias Zarate is a man in Tennessee. He’s trying to make something of himself, so he sought to cut hair. But in Tennessee, you have to pay the government thousands of dollars to have permission to cut hair for a living.

So this poor guy who’s just trying to earn an honest living, in an age of socialist decay and dependency, and government is getting in the way just for the sake of getting in the way. Someone who can least afford to pay thousands of dollars to get out of a cronyist government trap, was expected to do just that. That’s where FCC Chairman Ajit Pai came in.

Pai headlined an effort to save Zarate by raising the money to bail him out. Unfortunately the money’s not enough. Having paid the Danegeld, Zarate faces the Dane again, by having a high school diploma demanded of him. That’s right, to cut hair.

Tennessee is doing wrong by its people, but Ajit Pai is a champion of freedom.

“Cosmetology” regulation is one of the biggest state level scams in America today.


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