President Trump, These Regulations Are Killing Us

Drones are the greatest thing in transportation since the jumbo jet and the automobile. They’re a liberating technology that allows for great new innovations.


Mister President, drain the swamp, make the nay sayers sputter, and make a new, sane regulatory system for them!

There’s a huge new technological land rush in drone technology. As drones have been used heavily by the US military, we got off to a big lead in that field. However as drones move from military to commercial use, we run the risk of falling behind.

Industry is there and ready to use it. Amazon is one firm in particular that’s dying to invest big in drone delivery technology. But regulation is holding them, and everyone else, back in the United States.

We need to deregulate. Or rather, tear down the current regulatory wall and build regulations that make sense in the 21st century. Donald Trump’s regulators are throwing out 1930s-era regulation when it comes to the Internet. We should dismantle 1960s-era regulation when it comes to drones.

Do the right thing. Let American innovation win.


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