Here's One Easy Tip For Secret Service

We’ve all heard that Secret Service has been having some trouble lately. During the Barack Obama years, and now continuing with Donald Trump in the White House, they’re having a hard time managing the physical security of the executive mansion. Here’s how they can fix that.


The problem is that people keep jumping the fence. Every time this happens – and it keeps happening – everybody goes into a panic since they’ve lost control.

Here’s how you fix that, Secret Service: Start putting men on the fence, patrolling the grounds, that way anytime someone hops the fence, you can get right to him. I know it sounds so crude, when you can instead put men on the roof and have them watch with high-tech equipment. But unless you’re going to shoot every fence jumper (and we all know you won’t), that’s just not good enough.

If it were good enough then you wouldn’t have to put the White House on lock down when someone hopped the fence. So get to it. Get some agents with some good sprinting power down there by the fence, and have them ready to restrain physically anyone who gets over the fence in an unauthorized way.

The American people deserve to have their Presidents protected.


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