Hey Donald Trump: Don't Pocket This Money From The American People!

Some people run for President out of a desire for power. Others seek to serve the nation. Donald Trump just seems to bumble along without any clear direction, contradicting himself with no rhyme or reason.


The fact that he’s set to be charging the American people outrageous rents in order to give his family protection is just ridiculous. Don’t pocket that money, Mister President.

Trump never did make good on his word to release his tax returns. Now he’s going back on his word not to get paid for taking the job of President. Both the Defense Department and the Secret Service are looking at renting space in the Trump Tower for the next 4-8 years. The former in order to keep Trump informed when he’s in New York, and the latter to protect him and his family.

Both of these jobs need done. In the event of a crisis, the President must be kept up to date. And of course it’s important we don’t let foreign agents or terrorists attack the President and his family. But there’s no need for the American taxpayers to spend millions just to get office space for this.

Trump should give the space away for free. He says he’s very rich. He can afford it, as a show of patriotism and support of his own administration’s mission. By doing this he avoids the appearance of profiteering in an amount far in excess of the salary he’s giving up. That can only help him as he works on his policy agenda.


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