The Paul Ryan budget is a fiscal CATASTROPHE

So Paul Ryan’s new budget is out. While one hand is distracting us by promising an Obamacare repeal, we the people need to watch the other hand to see what he’s really doing. And it’s not good.


Paul Ryan’s new budget is a ten year plan. They are using the previous spending as baseline for every year, as the Republicans have achieved no reforms of the process to reduce spending.

You know how much spending they’re cutting next year beyond Obama’s budgets? $0. You know how much spending they’re cutting over the entire ten years? $0. That’s right. Spending levels will remain at Barack Obama’s levels:


As a result, this plan predicts deficit increases in nearly every single year. Taking the deficit from $582 billion in 2017, all the way to $1 trillion in 2026. That increases the national debt – built up over our country’s entire history – by nearly 50% just in ten years!

The Paul Ryan budget shows conservatism is dead in the Republican Party. The Party of Trump is a new bunch of tax-and-spend liberals.


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