Google and US Government employees donated HUGE to Clinton this cycle

The myth goes that the biggest backers of Hillary Clinton were these vast Banker-driven conspiracies. But it’s not so. Simple cronyism was the big driver, and we have the numbers to prove it.

OpenSecrets is a site with an agenda, but we can pick through their emotive language to find useful information. They’ve sorted donations to Hillary Clinton by the employers of the donors. Open Secrets likes to equate that with the corporations themselves giving, which is false. But we can still learn about the biases of the people who work there.

The top 10 are not surprising, if you think about it:

Employer of contributor Total given
University of California $1,369,009
Alphabet Inc $1,315,940
Microsoft Corp $711,675
EMILY’s List $693,195
Harvard University $675,548
Morgan & Morgan $626,594
Stanford University $602,543
US Government $579,237
Apple Inc $572,275
US Dept of State $565,497

US Government employees appear twice here: under US Government, and separately under the US Department of State. Clearly both groups would benefit from a Clinton win, as she would seek to expand government, and reward her old State Department cronys in particular.

Harvard, the University of California, EMILY’s List, and Morgan & Morgan (personal injury lawyers) also would have seen industry benefits from a Clinton win.

Alphabet Inc, the holding company formed out of Google for technical reasons, is number three on the list. Given the long history of Google/Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt working with Democrats, and even seeking a position in the Barack Obama administration, this isn’t surprising.

Google has a left wing culture, and seeks rents from policies set by Democrats in office. Deal with them, and trust their products, accordingly.

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