UH OH: Can Donald Trump carry his momentum into national polls?

Yesterday we saw some state polls move toward Trump. The way we look for a trend is to see if the momentum continues to other polls.

And now we have a pile of new national polls to sort through. Is Donald Trump closing the gap?


Four new national polls. We’ll start with the good news for Donald Trump. The LA Times/USC tracking poll, long the poll that has been the most biased toward Donald Trump, is giving him his shot of good news. Incredibly, they have Trump up by six points! Hillary Clinton 41, Trump 47 however is basically the opposite of all the other polls.

For you see, CBS/NY Times, Economist/YouGov, and Quinnipiac University all have Trump losing by 2, 2, and 5 points respectively.

CNN and LA Times are really keeping the poll average much closer than it would be, though, as Clinton leads by 1.8 at this writing. Those two polls have teamed up to start lifting Trump from the floor in the poll average, moving up 4 points in 5 weeks. However Clinton has only fell 2 points in that time.

Either Trump is gong to overperform, and make the LA Times and CNN look like geniuses, or Clinton is going to run away with this election and those two outlets will look like morons. There really isn’t a middle ground there.


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