New Poll: Trump's losing big, and the next two months will be torture

Much has been made of the nasty, negative nature of the Donald Trump campaign. He relishes every opportunity to bash America and say how terrible the country is, so he can claim that only he can Make America Great Again. His voters eat it up.


Turns out Hillary Clinton’s voters are just as bad.

The top line of the new USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows Clinton up 48-41 over Trump in the head-to-head race. Adding in fringe candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein doesn’t help the Republican, as it leaves Clinton’s lead at 7: 42-35.

So according to this poll, Trump is set to get destroyed as badly as George H. W. Bush did in 1992: only winning 18 states, 37% of the vote, and teaching a new generation of voters to vote Democrat for President.

But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that 80% of Trump supporters, and 62% of Clinton supporters, are driven by fear, while only 29% and 27% respectively are excited at the idea of their own candidates winning. This is miserable for all of us, because it means the next two months are going to be nonstop base-driving nastiness from both candidates, and we’re going to have to sit through all of it.


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