Watch as Trumper Tom Tancredo hopes you'll forget recent history

Tom Tancredo is angry. The long-time Buchananite has jumped fully onto the Trump Train, and has decided to attack his Congressional successor, Mike Coffman, for the latter’s refusal to line up behind Donald Trump.


The problem is his argument requires you to be entirely ignorant of the history here.

Please put down your beverage before reading what Tancredo wrote in Trumpbart:

If I believed for a millisecond that Coffman had, indeed, said what he said about Trump out of a sense of patriotic duty, I could forgive, and maybe even applaud, that decision. Sadly, I know better: Mike Coffman is the worst kind of opportunist. The only thing authentic about him is his passionate desire to keep that House Member pin on his lapel.

What’s so bad about this? The problem is that Tom Tancredo of all people has no room to label anyone else an opportunist. You may have read last year Tom Tancredo formally left the Republican Party last year, but that wasn’t the first time. You see, back in 2010 when TEA party upstart Dan Maes edged out establishment veteran Scott McInnis in the Colorado primary for Governor, Tom Tancredo hadn’t united behind the party nominee.


No, Tom Tancredo bolted to the Constitution Party that year after everyone refused to drop out according to his preferences. From that third party he began attacking the Republican nominee, paving the way for Democrat John Hickenlooper to win the race.

That’s right: the guy who comes and goes from the Republican party according to when it suits him best to gain power, is accusing another human being of being an opportunist.

Tom Tancredo, please go home.


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