Ahmed, you didn't build that. Radio Shack sold it. #StandWithAhmed

The left had a triple whammy of self-congratulation this week when Texas teenager Ahmed was arrested(!) for bringing a bomb to school. The problem is, allegedly, he had brought to school a digital clock he built, to show to class. So this was allegedly a case of Texas being racist and anti-Science™!

Except most of the facts were wrong. He didn’t build the clock, and the school had reason to believe it looked like a bomb.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.18.10 PM

Anthony at Art Voice has taken down the situation thoroughly (link via Sean Davis). Anthony did his homework, studied the photos, and found that the clock Ahmed allegedly built, was originally sold at Radio Shack. Pictured is the clock Ahmed put into a case to bring to school: a Micronta 63 756, sold by Radio Shack:

The shape and design is a dead give away. The large screen. The buttons on the front laid out horizontally would have been on a separate board – a large snooze button, four control buttons, and two switches to turn the alarm on and off, and choose two brightness levels. A second board inside would have contained the actual “brains” of the unit. The clock features a 9v battery back-up, and a switch on the rear allows the owner to choose between 12 and 24 hour time. (Features like a battery back-up, and a 24 hour time selection seems awful superfluous for a hobby project, don’t you think?) Oh, and about that “M” logo on the circuit board mentioned above? Micronta.

That’s right, Ahmed didn’t even bother to remove the silkscreened logo and part number Micronta printed onto the circuit board. Anthony also points out the other killer element: Why would you put a clock in a pencil case? It has a lid, that closes, meaning you’ll never actually be able to read the display. Anthony’s conclusion logically follows:

Because, is it possible, that maybe, just maybe, this was actually a hoax bomb? A silly prank that was taken the wrong way? That the media then ran with, and everyone else got carried away? Maybe there wasn’t even any racial or religious bias on the parts of the teachers and police.

The left-wing smart set just got fooled, badly.