Obama administration banning products for being made more appealing

The Obama administration wants you to think that they’re banning some products of R. J. Reynolds in the name of safety, however the truth is Obama’s FDA is banning these new cigarette brands because they might appeal better to smokers.

Obama is banning the free market, by penalizing companies for making their products more appealing, in one of the craziest nanny state moves yet.


According to the AP:

The FDA has previously banned a number of new tobacco products, including a dozen in 2015. However, anti-tobacco activists said Tuesday’s action was the first to target a major cigarette brand: Camel Crush Bold.

Camel is one of the three most popular cigarette brands among youth smokers, with 15 percent preferring Camel, according to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

“The FDA’s action is a critical step in preventing the introduction of tobacco products that may be more appealing to youth, more addictive or more harmful,” the group said in a statement.

Camel Crush features a menthol capsule in the filter that releases the flavor when crushed. The FDA determined that this and other new features and ingredients raised new health concerns.

Got that? R. J. Reynolds made their products more appealing, by making them taste better, and that has now been deemed to make them “more harmful.”

This isn’t what the FDA is supposed to be for. They’re supposed to be finding unsanitary practices, not trying to protect us from ourselves, and decisions we choose that they simply do not approve of.

As usual, government is a bait and switch. They tell you we need a regulator for this one urgent, pressing need, then they grab power without end, attempting to run the economy and your life. Regulation is a failure and needs repeal.

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