Progs Hate Flags: U of Illinois threatens to ban Old Glory on 9/11

Once in a while the left tries something so outrageous that even they have to pull back. This time it was at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, known to many on the Internet in the old days for its Computer Science program, who got some fame in another way by looking to ban the American flag on 9/11 (<–click there) on the flimsiest of pretexts.


And we know it was a pretext since the College Republicans got them to back down.

Caleb Howe describes what happened to push the University to give in and come to a sane agreement to allow memorial flags on 9/11:

The “agreement” that was reached to spare the irrigation is that the Republicans will be allowed to “plant the flags on the edges all around the campus quad.” Pretty much what was originally requested. Why the change? Pressure.

A member of the group tells Truth Revolt that they were able to mobilize students to make “hundreds of calls” to the Chancellor’s office. A Facebook post suggesting people call in reached 10,000 engagements. The University was “overwhelmed” by the response.

The left so often will push for change on a university with vulgar and/or violent protests. It’s nice to see our side act in a much more civilized way, with speech.

And for a good cause:

“On September 11th, there will be 2,997 flags on display at the University of Illinois, remembering each person who died that tragic day. But there almost weren’t. Because of “irrigation.”


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