Key & Peele illustrate the marriage divide with a funny sketch

The cable TV series Key & Peele did a sketch on the societal effects of the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision. I bring it to our attention here not just because it’s funny, but because it effectively illustrates the mindset of the radical left as it pushes an agenda of demanding everyone treat homosexuality as a normal thing.


Take a few minutes and watch the video. It’s entertaining, and remarkably even handed in its treatment of the issue. And while it gently caricatures everyone involved, I believe it does accurately depict the social conflict we’ve had, and will continue to have going forward.

Note the underlying assumptions of the homosexual man giving the presentation. He wants everyone to treat the homosexual couple just as a normal couple, the wedding just as a normal wedding, complete with religious ritual but nothing ‘gay’ added on. However he’s faced with a family that simply doesn’t see it that way, and that frustrates him.

Instead of attempting to engage with this family, he scolds them, he gets angry, and eventually he storms off. He could not simply accept that the polite lady in the back found a homosexual kiss to be something off-putting. It was intolerable to him, as he seemed to believe that a Supreme Court ruling would magically change attitudes.

One is reminded of how the radicals celebrated so loudly when Anthony Kennedy announced that homosexual ‘marriage’ is a Constitutional right. They seemed to think, in their hearts, that after that decision, people would just change their minds and go along with it. It’s a very totalitarian mindset, that when government’s position changes, the people will blindly obey.


Some even on the right said that after the decision, we could move on to “more important issues.” However there is no moving on from this issue, just because the Supreme Court handed down a decree. The social divide exists, and as the Great Sort continues, that divide will become deeper and more polarized.

Not seeing social acceptance, the radicals will continue to be angry about this, will continue to push for laws and court rulings that attack and ostracize Christians, and our country will not be able to move on from this, any more than we’ve moved on from the abortion issue after Roe v. Wade.

The left hoped that this case would be received by the Loving v Virginia case, and often pressed hard to equate the two. However Loving actually was in step with the mainstream of American society. It didn’t attack anyone’s religion, it didn’t attempt to redefine marriage, and it didn’t ignore science and law. In fact, the court in Loving demonstrated that the law wasn’t even self-consistent: it allowed ‘interracial’ marriages across the board, except when involving a ‘white’ person. That proved, in the view of the court, that the laws were really about ‘white’ supremacy, and had nothing to do with marriage at all.


However nothing in our marriage laws, pre-Obergefell, set apart homosexuals at all. What the laws merely did, was to distinguish between a couple consisting of a man and a woman, from other couplings. We defined one to be marriage, and others not to be marriage. Anyone was free to enter into such a marriage.

Obergefell legalizes by decree that marriage is now defined to be any grouping of people. There’s no rhyme or reason to it at all, and many Americans instinctively recognize that.

That’s what this video lampoons, but in doing so, it also makes us all recognize that this divide isn’t going away.


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