It's time for Tim Cook and Apple to stand up for homosexual rights in China

Tim Cook has become a vocal activist in recent years, taking his role in charge of Apple and using to promote his personal point of view on issues. He’s using that role to attack the state of Indiana for a political decision he disagreed with. However Indiana (population 6.5 million) is small potatoes. The fact that they don’t have a law specifically banning discrimination against homosexuals is nothing.


The People’s Republic of China (pouluation 1,350 million) is a major manufacturing hub of Apple’s, also has no law protecting homosexuals specifically from discrimination, but further is arresting homosexual activists. It’s time Apple stood up to China the same as Indiana.

Not only is the Chinese government arresting activists, people who like Tim Cook himself are promoting their point of view, they’re also censoring the Internet to block people from learning about these arrests.

And yet Foxconn is making 70% of all iPhone 6 phones as well as an unknown percentage of iPhone 6S units. Foxconn has more manufacturing plants in the People’s Republic of China than in any other country.

Further, Apple does big business selling in China selling hardware, running Apple Stores (18 in China vs 2 in Indiana), as well as buying parts and products for other parts of the firm’s line. Apple is fully integrated with the People’s Republic of China, an entire country which omits the same protections Indiana is supposed to be omitting.


So if Apple, and specifically Tim Cook, are serious about using this soapbox to stand up for homosexual rights, then it’s time to get as active about the People’s Republic of China, as they are about Indiana. Speak out just as loudly, and if any economic threats are made, they must be applied equally to both.

Anything less discredits their position.


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