Tech at Night: The Jerk takes on Net Neutrality

Here at RedState, Jon Henke posted a good diary on Net Neutrality and the Thune/Upton bill. He’s right, and the slippery slope he describes the FCC being poised to run down, if it takes any Title II powers at all (which would enable it to regulate the Internet as tightly as phones, including price controls), is absolutely true.


However as bad as FCC is on this, Europe is worse with its aims at a global censorship regime.

How can we let government regulate cybersecurity when government bureaucrats themselves are pretty bad at it? I disagree with the linked post in some ways (information sharing ala CISPA is good, as that’s much different from regulation of behavior), but let’s avoid regulation, please.

I love it when anarchists get testified against by their own college friends.


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