Tech at Night: The FCC punts on Net Neutrality, but Obama and the left won't give up.

Tech at Night

The President wants to mess with our Internet, and turn it into a socialistic program. And while the fringe left has been pushing this for months, the President’s threat in backing this power grab known as ‘Title II Reclassification,” that is deeming ISPs phone companies and passing 1930s-era stifling regulations in defiance of the bipartisan Telecommunications Act, is already scaring off investment in faster Internet..


Comcast can be ignored on this. Comcast is bound to Net Neutrality rules by the NBC Universal consent decree, and so just wants its competitors to be bound in the same way.

And amusingly, even after the left attempted intimidation tactics on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, surrounding his house, it’s going to wait until next year. Because as Ajit Pai (who remains The Man) points out, once they’re appointed the FCC commissioners are supposed to follow their Congressional mandate before they follow the whims of the President.

Japan is sick of freeloader culture and is fighting back admirably.

Google is presenting itself as small government even as it pushes for us to mimic Europe. And yet conservatives must not trust Google, especially after they left ALEC, and even as they’ve pushed for Net Neutrality for ages. When Google talks about the scales of government power, don’t forget they’ve been pushing for big government, and left a group pushing for small government.

I enjoy that wrongdoers on Tor may not be as anonymous as they thought, so I’m confident Silk Road 2’s successors will get taken down like the criminal rings before them. Drug dealers, terrorists, and child pornographers will feel the pinch, eventually.


I must disagree slightly with Carly Fiorina on patent reform. Patent reform must strengthen innovators and punish leeches. That means strengthening property rights, yes. But it also means not making giveaways to the trial lawyer lobby.

As Obama makes idiotic deals with the Chicoms, They continue to attack America.


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